Welcome to our studio.

With 20 years of photography and motion experience in the food world, we are able to provide both those services and create unique work tailored to each client’s particular needs.


Thomas Schauer Studio is a motion and still photography studio focusing on commercial projects in the food industry.

Our job is simple—whether your product is a humble root vegetable or a Michelin starred plated composition, we create a unique language to express your message and elevate your product to show at its absolute best.

We operate studios in New York City, USA, and Vienna, Austria and are available for small to large scale productions internationally.


Our take is fresh, modern, lively, and product-sensitive.

We are known for our expertise at lighting, and for our keen understanding of a chef’s approach, which we use in our work to coax out the best from every product.

We make your product the hero, and achieve this by our ability to think like a chef--not just like a photographer.

We care. We work closely with our clients and make sure you feel our knowledge and expertise.


With over 20 years in the business, Thomas Schauer is a world renowned and talented commercial director and food photographer. His passion for capturing moments on film began at an early age. Growing up in his native Austria, Thomas cultivated an artistic sensibility inspired by the aesthetics of European culture that surrounded him. After obtaining his master’s certificate in photography at the most prestigious photography school in Austria, he opened a studio in Vienna and a second in New York City. His commercial culinary work includes projects with Nespresso, Uncle Ben’s, Wegmans and Papa John’s.

Thomas is represented by TASTE production company with offices in New York, Los Angeles and Vienna/Austria.